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Hello, welcome to Festibrate!  My name is Lew Eliacopoulos  and in case you haven’t noticed,  I absolutely LOVE to celebrate!  Be it the holidays, the seasons, or other special events, celebrating is my passion, and I am delighted to have the chance to share with you my recipes, decorating ideas, clever tips and more…all to help make your festive moments the best that they can be.  I’ve created the name “Festibrate” by combining the words “festive” and “celebrate”…that’s what this site is all about.  Please, take a few moments to explore, get inspired…enjoy!

Purpose of the site It’s my hope that you will get the most out of all that I offer here; so let me take this opportunity to get you familiarized with the site.  It’s important to know that Festibrate is a blog that was created and is  exclusively maintained by me.  Unlike many of the other “food sites” that are found on the Internet, Festibrate is my personal website, where I highlight the many aspects celebrating special occasions.

First, food is a large part of any Celebration and you will definitely find lots of it here!   I  invite you to give the recipes a try, and, if you would care to leave a comment, tell me what you like about the recipes, or perhaps what you might do a little differently the next time around.  Your feedback will help me to better provide those elements that you value most, and keep you coming back for more.  Think of this site as a community where you can share your favorite recipes with others.  Keep in mind too, that recipes evolve, a little extra ingredient here, a special touch there…so I encourage your feedback and support to help make our recipes the very best for your special event.  Go ahead, give it a try,  send in your favorite recipe, see how our readers use it, for what special occasion is it best suited…who knows, you may start a whole new family tradition!  The second aspect of celebrating those special times is lifestyle.  Simply put, how we live, experience, and commemorate those events that mean so much to us.  I truly enjoy sharing such times with others and I genuinely hope that you will find my decorating ideas and tips to be useful resources for making your festive times one that will long be remembered and enjoyed, time and again.

What is the inspiration behind my recipes?  In my world, everything focuses around holidays, seasons, and special events.  That’s my niche, and what inspires my creativity.  I believe that my enthusiasm for these festive times will carry over into the types of recipes I present to you on my site.  Many of the recipes have been pulled from my own personal collection, but I will often include those pulled from other resources.  Be assured that I will try to always acknowledge the outside sources, and note when I have altered a recipe, (I do like to change ingredients from time to time…I encourage you to as well…make them your own)!  One thing I do feel is important for all recipes is to use quality ingredients.  That doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be expensive either.  By “quality”, I am merely suggesting that you use whole food ingredients: real butter, whole fat dairy (cheeses, cream, and milk), whole eggs, whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables (organically and locally grown whenever possible), and the highest quality meats and fish.  I do use canned and prepared foods for items such as beans, nuts, pesto, and dipping sauces for convenience and simplicity.  My advice to you? Have fun!  Use your intuition…create dishes that excite you, that make you want to celebrate.

Comments, please leave them Comments regarding the most recent posts are always welcomed here.  If you chose to leave a comment please refrain from using inappropriate language.  Think of your response this way, if you are uncomfortable saying it in front of a child, then think twice before posting it on my site.

Photography and Recipes All photographs posted on Festibrate are taken by me.  I will always inform you otherwise.  The photos taken by me are copyrighted property of Festibrate.  In general, I don’t mind if my photos or recipes are republished on other sites, (in fact, I encourage this…be inspired), please DO NOT include the photograph along with the recipe itself.  I maintain the right to withdraw that permission, and request that a photo of mine be removed from another site, for any reason.  When in doubt just ask.    If you do choose to use any of my recipes or photographs, please provide the proper linkage credit back to my site.  Lastly, if you are blogging, using Twitter, posting on Facebook, Pinterest, or any other social media outlet that you use, please provide a proper link back to my site as well.

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