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Mini Chorizo Mushroom Quiches made Crustless

Mini chorizo mushroom quiches pack a lot of flavor for such a small bite. Need to bring an appetizer for a night out?  Maybe even to a potluck dinner?  Making a dish that travels well is essential when you plan to bring a dish to share at a party or other event you’ve been invited […]

Mini Tomato Basil Quiches made Crustless

Mini Tomato Basil Quiches made Crustless Looking for a great appetizer… maybe a small bite for brunch?  Then try my mini tomato basil quiches.  They’re just the perfect finger food for any special occasion; easy to pick up and very easy to eat.  The filling is made of tomato, basil, and chives, now surround that by custard, and you have […]

Spinach Cheddar Quiche Made Easy

Spinach cheddar quiche is a light and flavorful meal for any time of day. Eggs aren’t just for breakfast and brunch… and the same is true for a great quiche.  It makes a light lunch or dinner when you’re not interested in eating a meal that’s too heavy.  Quiches are versatile and can be prepared […]

Blueberry Muffins with Sour Cream

  Light and fluffy blueberry muffins for your next brunch. If you enjoy a great muffin then, why not indulge in an everyday favorite?  Everyone needs a basic blueberry muffin recipe, and this one is all you’ll ever need!  These blueberry muffins are light, fluffy, and delicious.  They’re just the right balance of blueberries and […]

Blueberry Granola Bars with Orange

Homemade blueberry granola bars are a healthy treat. Want a great snack when you’re on the go?  Try my blueberry granola bars with orange.  These bars combine healthy oats and ground flaxseed with blueberry and orange flavor.  They certainly travel well and are terrific for road trips, camping, and hiking.  Blueberry granola bars are a healthy treat that […]

Marble Cake with Orange Zest

  Try a marble cake from scratch that is moist and delicious. I know we enjoy shortcuts from time to time; we’re busy and our time is limited.  But there’s something about baking from scratch that is both relaxing and empowering.  That’s exactly how I feel every time I bake this delicious cake using my grandmother’s […]

Chocolate Banana Mini Muffins

Chocolate banana mini muffins are a great breakfast treat. Tired of the same old thing for breakfast?  Whip up something special and try my Chocolate banana mini muffins.  There is nothing old or tiresome about these little treats…they are simply delicious. I love making these bite sized versions so I can indulge without any guilt. These […]

Coffee Pound Cake with Cinnamon, Walnuts, and Maple Syrup

Coffee Pound Cake is an easy breakfast or brunch alternative that fills the “in-between” time of your day. As the month of March is fast approaching, it makes me think of this as being an “in-between” time of year.  There is still the threat of a winter storm, yet the mild conditions of springtime are […]

Baklava Turnovers

Baklava turnovers are an easy alternative to making the real thing. Are you looking for a decadent dessert, without all of the fuss?  It’s something familiar, but with a clever twist?  Try my Baklava turnovers for a delicious change.  These little nuggets are sweet, sticky and bursting with the rich flavors of traditional Baklava without all of the […]

Apple Cheddar Turnovers for Brunch

There is nothing better than the smell of apples baking in your oven… This recipe takes me back to my childhood, and the simpler times of my life.  The smell of apples baking in the oven has always created a warm comforting feeling within me; one that fills me with me the satisfaction of knowing that everything is […]

Pecan Pie Muffins with Orange Zest

Pecan pie muffins are the next best thing to eating the pie. With autumn fast approaching, I’ve been looking forward to all of the hearty dishes that go along with the season.  Given all of the activities that surround this time of year, I wanted to create a recipe that’s easy to prepare yet full of […]

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