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Cranberry Orange Pecan Cookies from Scratch

Cranberry orange pecan cookies are a perfect way to celebrate the season. And why not?  My recipe features some of the best flavors of fall merged into one mouth-watering cookie.  Cranberry orange pecan cookies have delicious dried cranberries, orange zest, and chopped pecans.  What’s not to love? What I love the most about these cookies […]

Thyme Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Thyme roasted sweet potatoes makes a great side Sometimes all it takes is the right side dish to complete a meal.  And if you love sweet potatoes then I have the perfect recipe for you.  My thyme roasted sweet potatoes is an easy side dish to whip up when you need a tasty starch.  It’s flavorful and healthy, and a nice change from […]

Rosemary Roasted Shrimp Appetizer

Start your holiday celebration with a rosemary roasted shrimp appetizer. The holiday season is here and it’s time to indulge your taste buds with homemade delights, family traditions and gourmet decadence.  This is certainly not the time of year to forsake your warmest heart’s desires… and assuredly, there are a lot of desirable foods to satisfy anything you crave.  If […]

Spinach Spanakopita Triangles with Feta Cheese

Spinach spanakopita triangles Here’s a delicious appetizer that’s bursting with flavor!  My Greek spinach spanakopita triangles are the perfect indulgence when you are in the mood for a small bite.  These little pockets are made of Filo dough wrapped around a spinach and feta cheese filling.  Filo dough is light, flakey, and crispy and melt-in-your […]

Thanksgiving Day Remembered and Fun Facts

Thanksgiving Day history and fun facts to share around the dinner table. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November.  It’s a day to give thanks, but it’s also a day of feasting, football, and parades.  Friends and family gather around the dinner table to celebrate our national holiday. The first known but […]

Cranberry Apple Chutney with Orange Zest

Cranberry apple chutney served with toasted sliced French baguette. If you’ve ever wanted to taste a holiday, then perhaps I have the appetizer for you.  My cranberry apple chutney with orange zest brings home the flavors of fall, the aromas of Thanksgiving, and the warmth of Christmas.  It’s quite easy to prepare and you can […]

Handmade Harvest Ornaments that Sparkle

Add some sparkle to your autumn decor with handmade harvest ornaments. I’m considering this my first “Festibrate” hack.  I had an idea for some handmade harvest ornaments, got the materials and got crafty, but sharing them on Instagram just wasn’t enough. Then I thought, “If I only had access to a blog!” And here I […]

Pecan Pie Flavored with Orange Zest

Pecan Pie has the flavor of orange. I love a great pie for dessert, and this is certainly the best time of year for making pies.  Traditionally we bake apple pies, one of my favorite pies to make.  But why not try something different?  Pecan pie with orange zest is a nice change and I’ll show you how to do […]

Thyme Roasted Turkey Breast with Sweet Potatoes

Thyme roasted turkey breast with sweet potatoes is a perfect fall comfort food. Turkey is not just for Thanksgiving… it can be served anytime.  I know it takes a lot of work roasting an entire bird, but I have a great solution for that.  Nowadays your local grocer carries an assortment of turkey parts that […]

Pecan Tarts with Orange Zest

Pecan tarts with orange zest are a great indulgence to satisfy your fall cravings. Is it in the air?  Maybe… but something about the fall inspires me to bake.  Although my favorite thing to bake during this season is apple pie, a pecan pie offers a decadence that fits perfectly with this season.  Can you think […]

Spanakopita Mini Bites with Puff Pastry

Spanakopita mini bites are a great appetizer for indulging your Greek cravings. And don’t they look delicious too?!  They’re certainly not your typical appetizer.  The spinach and feta filling is a tasty combination of vegetable and cheese.  Puff pastry dough adds a rustic, homemade appearance that will help your guests feel warm and welcomed. This dough […]

Mustard Glazed Carrots with Parsley

Mustard glazed carrots are a sweet and spicy dish to serve on any special occasion. Tired of green vegetables?  Why not try something different?  My mustard glazed carrots are a sweet and spicy addition to any main course.  The combination of light brown sugar and prepared mustard adds a great depth of flavors.  Not a fan […]

Pineapple Casserole with Cheese and Rosemary

Pineapple casserole is a must have side when baking ham! We all know pineapple and ham make a great combination.  Having ham for dinner?  Then try something different like my pineapple casserole as a side dish.  It’s easy to prepare and it makes a great addition to your meal.  My baked ham with pineapple and […]

Baked Ham with Pineapple and Coke

Baked ham with pineapple and coke is an easy main dish for any celebration. Do you love eating baked ham?  I do especially when it’s so easy to make.  This is a main dish that serves a lot of people and sometimes that’s exactly what you need. Be careful though…when you try my special baked […]

Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Cheese

Roasted garlic mashed potatoes are a twice baked potato dish for any celebration. Who doesn’t love potatoes?  They compliment just about any meat dish you pair them with.  Add a vegetable and you have a very balanced meal.  I love mashed potatoes and so does my family.  They are versatile enough to serve for a […]

Baked Brie with Cranberry and Rosemary

Baked brie is a wonderful combination of cheese, cranberry, honey, pecans, and rosemary. New Year’s Day…a time for reflecting on the past; contemplating new objectives; resolving to accomplish those things we deem to be most important in our lives.  There is a lot to think about at the dawn of a new year, but one […]

Chocolate Dipped Cake Balls

Chocolate dipped cake balls are a sweet dessert for your next holiday party. Do you want something sweet and have a craving for chocolate?  Then I have an idea for you.  Try my chocolate dipped cake balls!  These bite sized treats are as fun to make as they are to eat.  First decide what type of […]

Irish Cream Cocktail for the Holidays

An Irish cream cocktail is a thick and creamy drink for the holidays. The holidays are for celebrating, so why not add another dimension to “holiday cheer”?  Try my Irish cream cocktail, and you’ll be off to a great start.  This recipe combines light cream and sweetened condensed milk to create a richness that goes […]

Turkey Panini with Cranberry and Brie

A Turkey Panini with cranberry and brie is the best way to use up your Thanksgiving leftovers. If you are like me, you wait all year long to dive into your big Thanksgiving Day feast; the old family recipes that make your mouth water just thinking about them, right?  Wouldn’t you love to be able […]


This is not your ordinary spanakopita…but its close! Although Spanakopita is a traditional Greek dish, my family recipe now has a unique twist…I never use FILO dough. You might find that to be a little unusual, but if you knew my family, I think you would understand.  I remember as a child, the process of […]

Cranberry Sauce with Orange

Preparing your own homemade cranberry sauce is almost as easy as removing it from a can. ….and it tastes a whole lot better!  I just love the fresh taste and wholesome ingredients that go into preparing homemade cranberry sauce.  For me, having cranberry sauce with Thanksgiving dinner is as traditional as eating turkey.  Although we spend […]

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