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Host a Holiday Cookie Exchange Party

holiday cookie exchange partyCelebrate with your own holiday cookie exchange party.

If you love to bake or just enjoy a great holiday party, I’ll tell you how to turn one type of cookie into many.  Just host your own holiday cookie exchange party.   The idea is simple, bake lots of your favorite holiday cookies and exchange some for others.  It’s the best way to indulge in a wide and flavorful assortment of delicious cookies to last you through the holidays.

Organizing your holiday cookie exchange party:

1.  Invite your family, friends, and bakers. But keep it manageable and fun.  You want to invite people you enjoy spending time with but not so many that you’re spending days in the kitchen.  I usually like having 6-12 friends and family who love to bake.  But be flexible here, cookies are just the tip of the iceberg, encourage your guests to bake their favorite treats (i.e. brownies, cakes, brittle, and chocolate bark).  Send invitations out one month in advance to allow people to plan.  It’s ok to invite other friends and family too.  There are lots of people we know who don’t like to bake, but always enjoy a great party.  Invite them to the festivities, just explain what you’re doing and their part in it.  They may not be exchanging cookies, but there’s still a lot of celebrating to be done.

2.  Set the date and time for your holiday cookie exchange party.  Work on a date close to the holidays so your cookies will last. Think about a convenient time; this party can be just as much fun on a Sunday afternoon.

3.  Decide on the number of treats to bake for your holiday cookie exchange party.  I usually bake a dozen per guest, but when you’re having 12 people or more than I might encourage 6 pieces per person. In addition, you want to bring a dozen to share with guests.  Who wants to wait until they get home to try a cookie?  It’s also a great way to share with your non-baking guests too.  Present your cookies in decorative bags or boxes.   Place them in a festive bag or box because you know you will be taking home just as much.  This can be fun and creative, so don’t hold back here.  This is an area that people will get a bit competitive… don’t say I didn’t warn you.

4.  Do’s and don’ts for your holiday cookie exchange party. This is the difficult part, but necessary especially if you don’t want a guest showing up with store bought goods.  We all know there is a time and a place for short cuts, but it’s certainly not the place to serve slice and bake cookies.  Everything should be made from scratch.  You should also mention if you want people to bring a copy of their recipe, just make sure it goes on the invitations.  When your guests RSVP to your holiday cookie exchange party, have them mention what they will be baking.  You may want to intervene here if you find a lot of duplication, but generally people will talk with other guests on what they plan to make, and you will see a variety no matter if some duplication happens.  Remember you’re trying to encourage people to bake their favorite recipes and family traditions.

4.  Choose the cookies you want to make.  Shop for ingredients, and arrange a day close to your party to bake.  Bake with another guest attending your party.  Work on both cookie recipes together.  It’s always fun to bake with someone else, and you can even turn it into a mini party.

5.  Ask your guests to bring a dish to the party.  What’s a party without food?  You have to eat something besides cookies.  Discuss with your guests what they will bring in order to have the best mix of food and drink.  This is a great incentive for your non-bakers to engage them in the festivities.

6.  Decorate and set up your home, it’s a holiday cookie exchange party.  Make sure you have music, lights, and candles burning.  Set up an area to receive and display your cookies.  Write place cards for each treat and place it next to each item.  Set up a table to serve your food and drink.  Don’t forget plates, cups, serving utensils, napkins, and flatware.  Keep it simple but keep it festive.  A little preparation ahead of time goes a long way.

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Enjoy your holiday cookie exchange party, sample and share cookies, brownies, candy and holiday treats.  Mingle with family and friends and create some great memories.  Who knows… your event may become a holiday tradition for years to come.

holiday cookie exchange party


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Host Your Own Holiday Cookie Exchange Party
Host your own holiday cookie exchange party, it's the best way to indulge in a wide and flavorful assortment of delicious cookies to last you through the holidays.
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