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Grilled Rib Steak with Oregano Marinade

rib steak with oregano marinade

  Go big for your special day with a 2 pound, 2 inch grilled rib steak! Father, Dad, Daddy, Papa, Pop, all of these names describe that special man in our lives.  The one to whom we look up and admire; who we can rely on for guidance and strength; … [Continue reading]

Artichoke Mini Bites Cocktail Teasers

Artichoke mini bites

Serve these delicious morsels at your next cocktail party. This recipe was inspired by an artichoke appetizer dish that is delicious when served warm on crackers.  The idea for the artichoke mini bites came to me when I discovered the coolest mini … [Continue reading]

Flip Flop Flower Pot

gnome hugger on flower pot

It's springtime! The weather in the northeast has been challenging, but I think it's safe to say that spring has finally arrived!  Gardening happens to be one of the activities we enjoy the most during this time of year, and as you can see, we've … [Continue reading]

Wrapped Asparagus Spears with Prosciutto

wrapped asparagus spears with prosciutto

This is a springtime appetizer that's sure to comfort you. Well, it was a chilly time during Memorial Day weekend.  I sought the comfort of a blanket, or at least a sweater.  Thinking about staying warm on these cool spring days helped spawn my … [Continue reading]

Grilled Mini Pizzas with Pesto and Marinara

Grilled mini pizzas with marinara & pesto

Grilled mini pizzas are a wonderful recipe to modify and create your own. It's the weekend!  Time to kick back and relax, sleep in, catch up with family and!  I think you'd agree, the weekends are times for celebrating the simple … [Continue reading]

Felecia’s Roasted Potato Salad with Arugula

Roasted potato salad with arugula

Roasted potato salad is a great spring salad that's both filling and healthy. This is an exciting day; it's my very first post!  It's the first of many that I am looking forward to writing!  There are many reasons why I decided to start a blog.  … [Continue reading]