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Creamy Rice Pudding with Cinnamon

Creamy rice pudding is a treat for any special occasion. Planning a special evening?  That’s always fun to do, but what to make?  Dinner is covered but you need a dessert.  Something different that will perfectly complement the great dinner you’re making.  Your criteria is simple, you want a dessert that’s unique and can be prepared in advanced.  And […]

Blue Velvet Crinkle Cookies are the Perfect Winter Treat

Celebrate winter with blue velvet crinkle cookies. Is the cold weather keeping you indoors?  Then why not turn on the oven and let a batch of my blue velvet crinkle cookies warm you both inside and out.  I know, the cool, blue color may remind you of this season’s snowflakes and snowmen.  But don’t let it fool […]

Cranberry Orange Pecan Cookies from Scratch

Cranberry orange pecan cookies are a perfect way to celebrate the season. And why not?  My recipe features some of the best flavors of fall merged into one mouth-watering cookie.  Cranberry orange pecan cookies have delicious dried cranberries, orange zest, and chopped pecans.  What’s not to love? What I love the most about these cookies […]

Mini Ghosts Chocolate Bark with Candy Corn

Scare up some mini ghosts chocolate bark for the Halloween season. These frightful little mini ghosts chocolate bark are sure to scare up some excitement. Especially when you have your family involved in making them. Working with melted chocolate can be a bit messy, but so much fun when your children are in the kitchen […]

Chocolate Gummy Eyeball Cookies

Chocolate gummy eyeball cookies for Halloween Ready for some chocolaty fun for the holidays?  I have a cookie that you will enjoy eating… just forget that it’s starring back at you.  Chocolate gummy eyeball cookies are a tasty treat.  And easy to make when you need something sweet.  It combines a great recipe for chocolate cookies with a gummy eyeball.  Tis […]

Fruit Yogurt with Mixed Berries

Flavored fruit yogurt with mixed berries makes a cool and refreshingly light dessert. I love fruit, and it adds a welcome component to any desert.  Fruit is light, refreshing, and a great way to cleanse your palate.  And sometimes it’s all you need after a successful meal, especially in warmer weather when it’s just too […]

S’mores Cookies with Chocolate, Graham, and Marshmallows

S’mores Cookies served warm with melting gooey chocolate and marshmallows It’s just like being at a campfire.  Just take two graham crackers and squeeze melted chocolate and toasted marshmallows between them… Yum!  Only this is less messy, chocolate chunks and crushed graham crackers are baked into the cookie crust.  Then I topped each cookie with more chocolate chunks […]

Panna Cotta Topped with Fresh Berries

Panna Cotta topped with fresh berries makes a light and tasty dessert. And sometimes that’s all you need after a full meal; a light dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth.  It’s a wonderful end to that perfect evening.  Panna Cotta is an easy dessert to prepare.  In fact, it’s even simpler to make than you […]

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is a rich and tasty dessert. And that’s how a dessert should be… just the right amount of decadence for the perfect ending to a great meal.  Anyone who loves cake should always have a great carrot cake recipe on hand.  Especially when you’re looking for that little “something […]

Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies from Scratch

Homemade chocolate chip walnut cookies are a sweet treat. And why not indulge in something sweet once in a while?  Chocolate chip walnut cookies are easy to make… and with a glass of milk are a joy to eat!  This makes me feel like a kid again.  Every household should have a simple chocolate chip […]

St. Patrick’s Day Shortbread Cookies

The luck of the Irish is here with St. Patrick’s Day Shortbread Cookies. And what could be luckier than Shamrocks and a pot of gold?  Maybe lots of Shamrocks and pots of gold.  St. Patrick’s Day shortbread cookies are a tasty treat for your holiday.  Like any shortbread cookie, they have a wonderful buttery taste.  I added […]

Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies are the perfect holiday treat. If you love the idea of red velvet cake then why not try it in a cookie?  My red velvet white chocolate chip cookies are chewy and bursting with a richness of flavor.  The red and white colors are perfect for the season.  Simply […]

Almond Cranberry Chocolate Bark

Spruce up your holiday with almond cranberry chocolate bark with M&M’s. I love chocolate and this is the time of year to splurge a bit.  My almond cranberry chocolate bark is easy and fun to make.  It’s a great recipe to make with kids too; I had a great time making it with my son.  […]

Jam Thumbprint Cookies with Raspberry and Apricot

Jam thumbprint cookies just in time for the holidays. Every December we gather for our annual cookie exchange party.  It has become a cherished tradition for the holidays; a time to get together with friends and sample amazing cookies.  Every year I make these jam thumbprint cookies and they are always a favorite.  In fact, […]

Pecan Pie Flavored with Orange Zest

Pecan Pie has the flavor of orange. I love a great pie for dessert, and this is certainly the best time of year for making pies.  Traditionally we bake apple pies, one of my favorite pies to make.  But why not try something different?  Pecan pie with orange zest is a nice change and I’ll show you how to do […]

Pecan Tarts with Orange Zest

Pecan tarts with orange zest are a great indulgence to satisfy your fall cravings. Is it in the air?  Maybe… but something about the fall inspires me to bake.  Although my favorite thing to bake during this season is apple pie, a pecan pie offers a decadence that fits perfectly with this season.  Can you think […]

Americana Fruit Salad; Red, White, and Blue

Americana fruit salad is just the right side to savor your holiday celebration. Its summertime and we love to barbecue.  In preparation for the holiday, I decided to create something special.  Here’s a dessert that is colorful and perfect for your holiday celebration.  It’s easy to make and a great addition to your summer barbeque.  Just combine strawberries, […]

Rainbow Jello with Pineapple, Strawberry and Banana Salad

Rainbow jello fruit salad is just in time for summer. Rainbow jello is quite a colorful dessert for summer.  I prepared it with 6 types of jello to represent the colors in the rainbow.  Most people love jello especially kids, but I couldn’t stop here.  I added a fruit salad combining pineapple, strawberry, banana and walnuts.  Sound familiar?  Check […]

Baked S’mores with Cookie Dough

Baked s’mores are an easy treat to make in your oven. Are you ready for some summertime fun?  Try my baked s’mores with cookie dough; they’re a tasty treat you can whip up in no time.  Take all the traditional flavors of s’mores: chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers.  Then just nest them between cookie crusts… sounds good?   You don’t even […]

Marble Cake with Orange Zest

  Try a marble cake from scratch that is moist and delicious. I know we enjoy shortcuts from time to time; we’re busy and our time is limited.  But there’s something about baking from scratch that is both relaxing and empowering.  That’s exactly how I feel every time I bake this delicious cake using my grandmother’s […]

German Pancakes with Ricotta and Blueberry Sauce

German pancakes with ricotta cheese and blueberry sauce make a great dessert. German pancakes are light and airy inside.  Yes, they do make a delightful breakfast, but why not serve them for dessert?  These tasty little pancakes are perfect when paired with ricotta cheese and blueberry sauce.  Ask my friend Jen who inspired me to create this […]

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