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Mini Chorizo Mushroom Quiches made Crustless

Mini chorizo mushroom quiches pack a lot of flavor for such a small bite. Need to bring an appetizer for a night out?  Maybe even to a potluck dinner?  Making a dish that travels well is essential when you plan to bring a dish to share at a party or other event you’ve been invited […]

Tarragon Deviled Eggs with Chick Centerpiece

Tarragon deviled eggs lay in a bed of cabbage to celebrate spring! After a few months of winter, it’s time to forget about white and focus on color.  Spring is all about brightness, freshness and color!  So why not celebrate it with my colorful & flavorful tarragon deviled eggs?  These classic treats are just as […]

Coloring Eggs for Easter

Why do we color eggs for Easter? As Easter approaches, I find myself wondering why we color eggs for this holiday.  If you’ve read my recent article, “How to dye red eggs for Greek Easter,” then you would understand why my curiosity has been peaked.  I understand fully the reason behind my family’s holiday tradition, and it all makes sense […]

Red Eggs Dyed for Greek Easter

Dyeing your red eggs for Greek Easter. Are you coloring red eggs for Easter this year?  Maybe not, especially if you’re like most Christians who decorate their eggs in many different colors and designs.  Yet in the Greek Orthodox religion, dyeing red eggs has become a special tradition.  This red color, a very deep tone, […]

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