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Macaroni and Cheese with Bacon

Back to school with homemade macaroni and cheese It’s back to school this week for Jayson and to celebrate we made macaroni and cheese with bacon.  This is not your traditional box version, our macaroni and cheese is all homemade… and it is certainly worth the effort!   Jayson assisted me in the kitchen as we created this comfort food classic.  […]

Orange Belt Achieved in Tae Kwon Do

Jayson gets his orange belt in Tae Kwon Do. Today we attended the second ceremony in Jayson’s journey towards earning his black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  This time, along with three of his classmates, Jayson earned his orange belt.  It was impressive to watch as family and friends gathered to see their loved ones demonstrate the skills […]

Comic Con 2014 in New York City

New York City is buzzing with this year’s Comic Con 2014. This was our first year attending Comic Con, and we had so much fun!  New York City is where we ventured but Expos are happening throughout the country.  New York City was bustling at the Javits Center where this event was held.  It’s a 4 […]

Yellow Belt Achieved in Tae Kwon Do

Jayson gets his yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do. The ceremony was great, 20 students participated.  Everyone is ready to move up to their next belt color. Jayson is studying Tae Kwon Do, Korean martial arts.  Other choices available are Karate, Japanese martial arts or Kung Fu, Chinese martial arts.  I like Tae Kwon Do; it seems […]

Family Camping at Winding Hills Park

It’s our annual family camping trip to Winding Hills Park. It’s become a tradition in our household to go on a family camping trip on Father’s Day weekend.   In fact, this is our third annual trip.  I’m not sure how this yearly event began or why Father’s Day weekend was chosen, but it just makes […]

Red Eggs Dyed for Greek Easter

Dyeing your red eggs for Greek Easter. Are you coloring red eggs for Easter this year?  Maybe not, especially if you’re like most Christians who decorate their eggs in many different colors and designs.  Yet in the Greek Orthodox religion, dyeing red eggs has become a special tradition.  This red color, a very deep tone, […]

Seagulls at the Waterfront

Seagulls are hanging at the waterfront. Spring is here but you may not know it.  It’s still cold outside and there are still traces of snow on the ground; much more snow than I can recall in previous years around this time.  Here in the northeast, there is still a chance that a snowstorm will […]

Cardinal Birds in the Winter Months

Red cardinals hanging out during the winter months. Winter is here and I must say that this one has been brutal!   We’ve had plenty of snow and frigid temperatures, which for many Northeasterners, make the perfect conditions for outdoor wintertime activities.  Although I am not fond of the cold weather and I am happy to busy […]

Halloween Village

Every year our Halloween village comes to life. In our house, Halloween is a very special time.  Not only do we enjoy decorating the house with all of the spooky decorations and making all of the “ghoulicious” treats I’ve been sharing with you these past few weeks, we’ve also started many traditions that we’ve continued […]

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