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Grilled Yogurt Chicken with Lemon Zest

Grilled yogurt chicken marinates boneless chicken breasts with yogurt and lemon. Here is an easy and simple marinade for chicken that’s especially delicious when cooked on the grill.  It combines plain Greek yogurt and lemon.  Sounds a little unusual?  Not really. Many cooks have been using dairy products, such as buttermilk, to tenderize chicken for years.  […]

Roasted Orange Cauliflower with Lemon and Parmesan Cheese

Roasted Orange Cauliflower is a colorful treat for fall Want to make fun and colorful dish for fall?  Try my roasted orange cauliflower as a side for your next meal.  Don’t let the color fool you, it’s cauliflower alright, and the orange hues make it perfect for all of your autumnal festivities.  When shopping for your […]

Baked Lemon Haddock with Herb Seasoned Croutons

Baked lemon haddock breaded with herb seasoned croutons. Dinner is ready, have you had your haddock lately?  I love haddock, and baked lemon haddock is a delicious way to enjoy these fillets.  Take plain fillets and dress them up with breading and lemon juice. You’ll note that I didn’t use just ordinary breadcrumbs for this recipe; […]

Roasted Garlic Broccoli with Lemon

Roasted garlic broccoli is an easy side to accompany almost any meal. Spending time on your main dish… check.  Making an elaborate dessert… check.  Finding an easy, tasty side… priceless! Roasted garlic broccoli is the best solution when you need something simple.  And it tastes great too!  When you are spending so much time on a particular […]

Baked Oregano Chicken Breasts with Lemon

Baked oregano chicken breasts with lemon are a delicious Greek-inspired main dish. It seems that these days, every penny counts, and this flavorful dish fits the bill perfectly!  It will add every bit of the “wow” factor that you are looking for at your next gathering, while the simple ingredients will help to keep you within your […]

Greek Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup

Greek lemon chicken orzo soup is the perfect answer for those cold winter nights. Got soup?  No?  Then try my Greek lemon chicken orzo soup.  Think of this as chicken soup with a Greek twist.  Lemon, orzo, and egg add amazing flavors and textures that make this soup unique…and irresistible.  I grew up eating this soup and […]

Homemade Lemonade and Sweet Tea

Homemade lemonade and sweet tea is cool and refreshing for those hot summer days! It’s mid-summer… long, hot sunny days, picnics, barbeques, outdoor games, lounging beside the pool.  Whatever your favorite summertime activity is, I’m sure you’ll agree a cool, light and tasty beverage is always a welcome addition.   I absolutely love the summer season, and […]

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