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Homemade Hamburger Helper from Scratch

Kid friendly homemade hamburger helper. Easy and kid friendly what more can you ask for?  Well… how about healthy? My homemade hamburger helper answers both of these questions.  And the best part is that my recipe is free of processed ingredients.  This is definitely a concern of mine when I cook for my family.  Now […]

Shoulder Lamb Chops with Tomato Orzo

Shoulder lamb chops with orzo in a tomato sauce makes a terrific one pot meal. I love lamb and I’m always looking for different ways to cook it.  One of my favorite ways to prepare lamb comes my childhood.  In fact, this recipe brings so many of my childhood memories to mind, that it’s almost like […]

Beef Chili with Bottom Round Roast

This beef chili is thick and rich with a touch of spice to heat things up. Brrrrr!  Yep, it’s wintertime in the northeast all right.  It’s cold outside, and I’m chilled to the bone!  Wouldn’t it be nice to be welcomed home by the nice warm glow of a fire and the comforting smell of a pot […]

Thyme Roasted Turkey Breast with Sweet Potatoes

Thyme roasted turkey breast with sweet potatoes is a perfect fall comfort food. Turkey is not just for Thanksgiving… it can be served anytime.  I know it takes a lot of work roasting an entire bird, but I have a great solution for that.  Nowadays your local grocer carries an assortment of turkey parts that […]

Stuffed Peppers with Beef and Rice Filling

Stuffed peppers cooked with potatoes and carrots; just in time for comfort food season. Stuffed peppers may not be common fare at your dinner table, but it was for me growing up.  It’s a very well known Greek dish that packs a lot of flavor using common ingredients.  The secret is in the way this dish is […]

Pork Rib Roast with Rosemary, Apples, and Cider

Fill your home with the aromas of fall with a pork rib roast and apples. Fall is fast approaching, but the heartwarming scents it brings need not only fill the air outdoors.  You can capture the season at its best by filling your home with the aromas of fall right from your oven!   I love […]

Stuffed Shells in a Hamburger Tomato Sauce

Stuffed shells are rich and creamy and delicious when combined with a hamburger tomato sauce. When it’s cold and snowy outside, and all you’re looking for is a little comfort, I have the perfect recipe to warm up to!  In fact, why not throw a few more logs on the fire and invite some friends over, […]

Hamburger Goulash with Tomato Sauce

Hamburger goulash is a great family meal; it’s a dish that serves many. Hamburger goulash is a one pot dish that’s chock full of goodness, and it seems to have been around forever.  It’s easy to make and easy to please, so it’s a great recipe to add to your collection.  Whole wheat grain pasta, […]

Broccoli Casserole

An easy side dish that works with any holiday gathering. This broccoli casserole recipe has been in my family for as long as I can remember, and it is still one of my favorite side dishes.  Not only is it a recipe that goes with everything, it is heartily delicious and very easy to make.  I […]

Roasted Chicken with Sage and Thyme

It’s a one pot meal that won’t take you all day to make… It only looks like you spent all day in the kitchen.  That’s what people will think when you present them with my roasted chicken with sage and thyme for dinner.  The secret is you let the oven do all the work!  I have some friends […]

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