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Cranberry Orange Pecan Cookies from Scratch

Cranberry orange pecan cookies are a perfect way to celebrate the season. And why not?  My recipe features some of the best flavors of fall merged into one mouth-watering cookie.  Cranberry orange pecan cookies have delicious dried cranberries, orange zest, and chopped pecans.  What’s not to love? What I love the most about these cookies […]

Koulourakia Greek Cookies with Orange Juice

The holidays just aren’t the same without our traditional Koulourakia Greek cookies. I love Koulourakia cookies.  If you’re Greek, you would not be surprised by this as Koulourakia are well-loved among Greek people.  And what’s not to love.  These little biscuit-style cookies are not too sweet and the orange juice adds a delicate flavor.  They kind […]

Mini Irish Soda Breads with Orange Zest

Mini Irish soda breads with orange zest are perfect for indulging and gift giving this holiday season. Mini Irish soda breads are a great way to bake when you don’t want to bother with baking with yeast.  Everyone knows that baking with yeast is time consuming; dough needs to rise a couple times in a warm area.  So, […]

Pecan Tarts with Orange Zest

Pecan tarts with orange zest are a great indulgence to satisfy your fall cravings. Is it in the air?  Maybe… but something about the fall inspires me to bake.  Although my favorite thing to bake during this season is apple pie, a pecan pie offers a decadence that fits perfectly with this season.  Can you think […]

Blueberry Granola Bars with Orange

Homemade blueberry granola bars are a healthy treat. Want a great snack when you’re on the go?  Try my blueberry granola bars with orange.  These bars combine healthy oats and ground flaxseed with blueberry and orange flavor.  They certainly travel well and are terrific for road trips, camping, and hiking.  Blueberry granola bars are a healthy treat that […]

Marble Cake with Orange Zest

  Try a marble cake from scratch that is moist and delicious. I know we enjoy shortcuts from time to time; we’re busy and our time is limited.  But there’s something about baking from scratch that is both relaxing and empowering.  That’s exactly how I feel every time I bake this delicious cake using my grandmother’s […]

Make Your Own Holiday Mulling Spice

Decorating for the holidays just became more festive with some holiday mulling spice. The holiday season is here and so is the partaking all of your usual traditions. There is no substitute for the heartwarming activities that we look forward to enjoying each year, but what if you could make those special times just a little […]

Cranberry Sauce with Orange

Preparing your own homemade cranberry sauce is almost as easy as removing it from a can. ….and it tastes a whole lot better!  I just love the fresh taste and wholesome ingredients that go into preparing homemade cranberry sauce.  For me, having cranberry sauce with Thanksgiving dinner is as traditional as eating turkey.  Although we spend […]

Pecan Pie Muffins with Orange Zest

Pecan pie muffins are the next best thing to eating the pie. With autumn fast approaching, I’ve been looking forward to all of the hearty dishes that go along with the season.  Given all of the activities that surround this time of year, I wanted to create a recipe that’s easy to prepare yet full of […]

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